Accept payments worldwide.
Donate and collect donations.
Send money anywhere

Anonymous crypto payment gateway for business and personal use
Secure ◆ Easy to use ◆ Risk-free

Add cryptocurrency as new payment method

Easily add cryptocurrency payments with NIXT to your website or app and grow your business worldwide.
Simple integration, noncustodial, no KYC and AML.
Accepting cryptocurrency as payment is easier than ever.


Integrate crypto payments into your online store

Charity. Streamers

Collect donations with one link, no gateway needed

Retail store

Accept crypto in your physical stores with QR-code payments

Transfer money worldwide

With crypto. Anonymously. Securely. With no limits. No KYC and AML

Billing and invoicing

Easily create catalog of products or individual invoice links

Minimum requirements to get started

We do not impose any special requirements on the seller. You can start as an individual or legal entity and accept payments almost immediately after registration.

We do not require any documents from you (company registration sertificate etc.) and signing contracts neither before registration nor after it (all terms are defined in Terms of services). We have just one main requirement — goods and services you sell must be legal.

Maximum level of personal and business privacy

We don't demand lot's of information about you or your business. You can disclose only infromation that you are willing to disclose (for example, in order to gain the trust of buyers). In order to maintain anonymity, we

  • do not require you to confirm the identity or registration of your legal entity;
  • do not collect information about you that is not required to perform our main function - processing payments.

Your data is only yours

We do not share your data and information about your payments to anybody. Including any state services, corporations or other third parties. Moreover you can delete part of your data or all of it yourself.

No amount limits

Our platform allows you to accept payments and transfers of any size without any limits and restrictions. The absence of limits on the number and amount of transactions allows you to conduct business of any scale anywhere in the world.

"Encryption paranoid mode", or Enhanced security

Security provision and encryption are our priorities from the very beginning. Every line of code is aimed to provide maximum protection of all parties - sellers, customers and system itself. Most of your data such as balances, transactions etc is stored encrypted. But we do not just encrypt data, we secure every level - hardware, server settings, most update programming software and encryption methods and so on.

Easy payments on mobile devices

Payment page adapts to screens of any size — You won't lose a single payment due to inconvenient or non-working payment form.

Honest pricing without fine print

Simple and transparent pricing for any scale business – no hidden fees, setup or regular payments. Grow your business without worries about transactions costs.

Collect donations. Start crowdfunding

Every user automatically has personal page for collcecting donates or accepting payments. Online streamers can set up more advanced donations page with links to their streaming platforms, predefined amounts of donations, comments etc



▶ Data security guarantee

All payment and personal data transmitted through the service are protected at several levels: SSL-certificate, multi-level encryption by the most modern methods, encrypted database etc.

▶ Privacy and confidentiality guarantee

We save minimum users' data - only data that is required for payment processing and provide system's and user's security. No data is shared with any third parties.

▶ Guarantee of non-interference

We do not care about your business, documents, source of your money etc. So we don't delay payments or don't block your funds. Our only restriction is not to sell prohibited products named in Appendix of our Terms of services.