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How to generate payment forms


Although our forms generator is simple and intuitive, we made short video instruction on how to use it:

We've launched on ProductHunt


Please support us - this will help us develop and grow faster.

NIXT - Anonymous payment system | Product Hunt

Big update: MONERO (XMR) payments processing added


Today we announce new period of our system development - adding crypto-payments processing. First coin already added - welcome Monero (XMR)

As always we will make it for you as simple as possible to start using this type of payments. Basically you only need to save your Monero wallet address - and that's it! - you may start accepting XMR-payments:

  • Accept monero for your products or create invoices.
  • Generate custom payment links or buttons.
  • Use your personal donate and payment pages for accepting crypto.

We plan to add Dash, Litecoin and other private crypto-currncies next. Tell us which of them you prefer to be added first 😉.

Android app release


Good news everyone! For convenience of smartphone users we made a simple android app.

  • It has all the functionality that has our site/web-app.
  • Works only with internet connection.
  • Currently, available only in form of downloadable apk-file. But we will work on adding it to Apkmirror, F-droid and maybe even Google Play Store.

Installing the app from APK is simple — just tap on the file to execute it. It may be required to enable or give permission to ‘Install unknown apps’ because of installing it not from Play store. It's totally safe — no viruses (see Virustotal link above) and no unnecessary permissions.

Download version 1.0

System update: Bonus reward program


Big update and very useful functionality — Bonus reward program. For details go to Bonus page.