Bonus reward program

What is bonus, fee discount and how to get them

Bonus balance and fee discount are different types of reward for your promotional or other useful for our service activity.

Fee discount is how much our standard fees are lowered for your transactions.

How it works:

  1. Discount is subtracted from standard fee calculated for every transaction.
  2. For example calculated fee = $1 and discount = 20% then final fee = $1 × (100% - 20%) = $0.80.
  3. If you also have bonus balance then firstly bouns balance is applied until it reaches zero.

Bonus balance is your fee "compensation" amount.

How it works:

  1. Bonus balance is used to cover your transaction fees in our service: all fees are firstly charged from bonus balance. If the bonus balance is empty then fees are charged as usual.
  2. Bonus is accrued only in USD. For transactions in currencies other than USD, bonus fee amount is calculated by current currency rate.
  3. Bonus can't be withdrawn, spent on purchases, converted to regular balance or sent to another user.

How to get fee discount or bonuses?

We look forward to give one of it (or even both) to you if your are blogger, streamer, youtuber, mail list or telegram channel owner etc and ready to tell about us to your audience.

It is an experiment, so we can change this policy or even close this program. Of course, we will notify you if this happens.

Size of accrued bonus or size and duration of fee discount is discussed personally.

Think you might be useful for us with something else? — Great! Get in touch with us, let's discuss it. For example, we will be grateful for help with these issues:

  • Translation to another languages.
  • Posting information or starting discussions about us on relevant forums, communities, groups (facebook, reddit etc), telegram-channels and chats, youtube-channels and so on.
  • Posting information on catalogs, apps review, startups review sites, finding analog service sites and so on.
  • Involving exchange services for collaboration.
  • Writing and publishing/posting articles, comparison reviews, blog posts about us.
  • And so on :)

Have an idea or proposal? — Don't be shy, get in touch.

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