“NIXT” payment system

Who we are and why we created our payment system


Once we got too tired of two things:

  • States, banks and online corporations (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft etc) know too much our personal information - our interests, what we do, where we live, where we are right now, our income and our expenses.
  • And they set too many restrictions. You know what we mean, if you have significant amount of money at the bank account: bank can "freeze" your money, suspend you or your account, decline cash withdrawal of your own money or decline transfer your to friend or relative if you don't provide proof of purity of your money. Or even if you provide it. Accepting payments under these conditions also becomes a challenge.

This was the reason we decided to create our own payment service. With total privacy, anonymity and no-limits.

A service that would be suitable for us and would be suitable and useful to many companies and individuals around the world.

Most e-currencies (like skrill, neteller, webmoney and other) have the same limitations and restrictions as banks or even more.

Cryptocurrencies are considred to be anonymous (although most of then aren't), but for now they are also not widespread and quite inconvenient in everyday use. They are not eligible as main payment accepting method if you want to reach as many customers as possible.

This world really needs payment service which won't block or freeze your funds for fictitious reasons, demand plenty documents upon registration and ask about the origin of your funds.

Apparently, we succeeded in creating such service :)


Is to give to people and companies ability to use their money freely, without excessive control and without limits on amounts and cross-border transfers.



From the very beginning we set a goal to make our service global, working for all categories of users – both individuals and companies.


Undoubted advantage of our system is the possibility of anonymous use. This imposes specific requirements to us. We can't and won't reveal our identities in order to work without being obstructed by authorities.


We intend to continuously improve and develop our service by adding new functionality and increasing its usability. If you need some function – we are always open to your wishes and and ideas.

Support our project

Specific character of our project leads to some restrictions, one of which is - we develop it only with own resources. We can not (and never won't) use loans, raise corporate investments, get assistance from any corporations or the states.

If you like our project and support the very idea of its existence, we will be really grateful for your donates, since our resources are very limited.

All funds fully directed to further development of the project - adding up and improving functions and new products, purchasing servers, etc.

If you want to speed up adding some functions, the best way to do this will be donation :) with comment in memo (or through the feedback form) about function you would like to see first. Click button below to go to possible donations methods page:


You may wonder about safety and reliability of implemented payment solution. Is company and customers data in safe hands? Will I receive timely funds? Will my payment page always be accessible online?

“NIXT”'s infrastructure meets the highest standards of stability, security and integrity. And we take all necessary measures to ensure it.

Availability, uptime & processing speed

Our systems have been initially designed for maximum uptime through a redundant and stateless service-oriented architecture (SOA) that simultaneously accepts payments on multiple physical hosting locations.

We have real-time reporting dashboard that reports about everything going on the servers.

Hosting facilities

We hosts our systems on our own and independent data centers. These servers are separate and located in different regions that are not controlled by US or EU. We administer and manage all our servers ourself. We do not outsource any administration to third parties, nor do we use any cloud services.

All systems are connected to a dual Internet uplink and have dual power supply from independent feeds. This gives us ability to achieve maximum redundancy and uptime for customers.

Software & hardware

NIXT is fully built on open source software. This gives us maximum control over our software components while remaining independent of any third party. All development, system administration, networking, database administration and security activities are performed only in-house.


Development is performed only by our small team – for security and anonmity reasons no one else has access to system's code.