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Our key advantages are enhaced privacy, full control over your data, accepting payments from any country and no limits on size of payments and transfers.

Processing crypto payments is as simple as that, no technical expertise needed - just save your wallet address and you're ready to accept payments.

Detailed list of our benefits can be found on this page.

Since we do not require any documents and signing contracts, you can accept payments immediately after registration in the system and 2-3 minute setup of your personal account.

For cryptos (monero) answer is simple: we do not store crypto and don't provide crypto wallet functionality - payments go straight to your wallet.

Deposits to and withdrawals from inner balance (fiat currencies) are available via online e-currency exchangers. - Some of exchangers are listed here.

All payment and personal data are protected at several levels: SSL-certificate, multi-level encryption (transfered data firstly encrypted on users end, data on server also is stored encrypted), thorough security practices guarantee complete safety for of your funds and information.

Our system was initially designed undertaking security and reliability on the first place:

  • System is built on open source software that gives us maximum control over our software components while remaining independent of any third party.
  • We host our own independent servers located in different regions. No cloud services are used.
  • Servers are provided by dual Internet uplink and have dual power supply from independent feeds.
  • All development, system administration, networking, database administration and security activities are performed in-house by NIXT experts.
  • Our systems have been initially designed for maximum uptime through a redundant and stateless service-oriented architecture (SOA) that simultaneously accepts payments on multiple physical hosting locations.
  • We host our own independent servers located in different regions.
  • No cloud services are used.
  • Servers are provided by dual Internet uplink and have dual power supply from independent feeds.

While using our system you may not disclose any personal or business data except those that you want to disclose yourself (for example, in order to gain the trust of customers). We demand only information required to perform our main function - process payments. In order to maintain anonymity we

  • do not ask company registration sertificate or your identity documents;
  • do not collect information that is not required directly for payment processing;
  • never send any information about your activities to any government agencies;
  • encrypt not only your passwords, but also your account balances.

Moreover, you control all your data and can not only delete the history of payments, withdrawals, internal transfers, but also completely remove the account from the system, leaving no trace of yourself.

Strict privacy and confidentiality is one of our main principle. We do not collect any information from you, other than necessary one for payment processing and providing system's and user's security. We do not share any data about you and your activities to any third parties. We don't even use third-party scripts, third-party analytics, CDN-systems, image hostings etc. One small exception: website analytics script on info-site, that's it. Yes, we want to know how much visitors on what pages we have :) But user's account pages ( doesn't have any of this.

Yes, you can accept payments in any country.

We have no limits on size and number of any transactions. Our platform allows you to accept payments and transfers of any size without any limits and restrictions. The absence of limits on the number and amount of transactions allows you to conduct business of any scale anywhere in the world.

Pricing terms and fees are described at Pricing page.

To quickly resolve technical issues (sign up, integration with the service, transactions, etc.) you should write us through contact form on the Contacts page.

We intend to respond immediately after receiving the request, but depending on the load of support response time can extend to 24 hours.

Our service is responsible only for the safety and completeness of transactions and user's funds. We are not a party to the transaction between buyer and seller and we are not responsible for any seller's obligations (including terms of services, quality, safety, legality of goods, terms of refund, etc).

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